Monthly Meeting played at Clovelly on Thursday 17 October 2019

Monthly Meeting played at Clovelly on Thursday 17 October 2019

A great day for golf in an idyllic setting. The wind kept us honest but didn’t blow quite as badly as forecast.

It was an honour to join Georgie Bowes in his 500th game and to do so at his home club. To think he became only the second WP Nomad to achieve this milestone and did so in just over 46 years (an average of 11 games a year) is remarkable.

I was also joined in my four-ball by 30-year tie recipient, Dave Boers. What an absolute gentleman and true Nomad. Ian McPherson, Club Captain of Clovelly finished up the team who had a great day on the course, even if the golf was not quite as good.

We had yet another strong field with 120 players. The average score for the day was 29.7. Congratulations to the Division winners, Dumisani Balman (37 pts off 7), Mark West (36 pts off 10) and Steve Conradie (39 pts off 17). The Joker Draw is back and nobody found the jackpot card which carries over to next month.

Once again we pinned the badge of one of our members to the altar as we bade farewell to Gavin Tinkler.

His family were in attendance and everyone was visibly moved as our VC, Gary Cahi, read the Creed. Rest in peace Gav.

Lisa remains our undercover hero. Not even the load shedding could stop her from getting the prize sheet done on time. Thank you also to Natalie for your assistance.

Thank you, as always, to our national and local sponsors. The Andrew Mentis Day is at Rondebosch on 01 November and our next monthly game is at Parow on 21 November 2019.

Yours in Nomads

Carl Potgieter