Monthly Meeting played at Clovelly on 28 October 2021

Unfortunately I was unable to make the monthly game at Clovelly as I had to undergo surgery. I am grateful to our past captain, Ed Jearey, for standing in during my absence.

I’m told that Clovelly CC was in pristine condition and, despite a bit of wind, the course was magnificent.

We had a field of 108 players, which included one visiting Nomad and eight visitors, as well as an inductee. Congratulations to the Division winners, Derek Hornby (35 pts off 7), George Bowes (39 pts off 11) and Stuart Buchanan (36 pts off 18). The Matchbox winner was Fernando Louw with 19 pts off a 4 handicap.

Ed Jearey hosted the captain’s fourball (pictured above), which included Mervyn Minnaar, Dave Boers and George Bowes, the three of whom combined for a total of 130 Nomads years. A truly incredible achievement, which I was very sad to have missed. The highlight of the evening was a 50-year tie for past National Chairman Mervyn Minnaar and a 45-year tie for Hugh Fichardt.

Wynand Wium (proposed by Patrick Nyumbu) was inducted and André du Randt (proposed by Reg Ferreira), who had previously been inducted “virtually”, also received his jacket. Thanks to Tony “shortbread” Amaro for an entertaining fines session.

As always, Lisa did an amazing job at registration and by finalising the results before load-shedding kicked in. Thanks also to Natalie for her assistance.

We are slowly getting back to normal and I’m sure it won’t be long before we can enjoy a few beers at beer barrel.

Thanks, as always, to our national and local sponsors. We look forward to our next game is at Bellville on 18 November 2021 where we will be joined by our National Chairman, Stuart McIver.

Yours in Nomads

Gary Cahi
Captain: WP Nomads