Monthly Meeting played at Atlantic Beach 17th June 2021

What a day. Cold and slightly wet, but the course was in great condition. It was great to be back at Atlantic Beach again and unfortunately, due to Covid, we were unable to have prizegiving in their newly renovated, stunning clubhouse.

A huge thank you to the General Manager, Tony Louw, and his staff, who welcomed us back and made sure we were able to follow all the COVID-19 protocols seamlessly. There is a reason we look forward to our game at Atlantic Beach every year.

I was fortunate to play with Nigel Pillay, the captain of Atlantic Beach, Eddie Arpesella, our esteemed PRO, and our fourth being Craig Proctor.

We had a good field of 107 players with a good number of visitors.

Congratulations to the Division winners, Hamish Longmore (41 pts off 4), Tyroan Denny (38 pts off 11) and Mark Beeton (37 pts off 19). Eugene Geldenhuys made 19 points off a 1 to win the matchbox.

We had the induction of Andre du Rand and Ian Simmons as well, but due to prizegiving being virtual, I was not able to put their blazers on them. We will rectify that as soon as we are able.

Thanks again to everyone for a magnificent day and especially to Lisa and ensuring that our registration and prizegiving went off smoothly.

Thanks, as always, to our national and local sponsors. Please support them whenever you can.

Our next game is at Milnerton on 15 July 2021.

I look forward to seeing you there.