Gary Player & Plate Rules



1. There are TWO competitions, the ‘Gary Player Trophy’ & the ‘Gary Player Plate’.
2. All first round ‘losers’ automatically go straight into the ‘Plate’ competition.
3. Remember that this is a FUN competition, so let’s all play it in good spirit!


  1. All FULL members of Nomads in good standing may enter this competition with a partner of their choice, or alternatively may elect to be drawn with a partner [if available]. Once you have been paired, there will be no changes to partnerships.
  2. Each pairing must elect/indicate a ‘captain’ who must arrange or facilitate all the communications and games with the drawn opponents and e-mail with the results.
  3. The format will as always be Aggregate Medal Stableford [Normal Nomads], with the pair achieving the highest combined score going through to the next round.
  4. The pair that achieves the higher combined score over the 18 holes shall win a match, BUT in the event of scores being tied after 18 holes, the match shall proceed on a ‘sudden death’ basis, NO further handicap allowance being given to either side.
  5. Those players not being able to play on the designated dates of the monthly games can arrange with their opponents to schedule a game at a course of the first pairing’s choice, provided that the course chosen is on the 2015/16 WP Nomads calendar.
  6. The pair drawn FIRST on the list must provide, at least THREE (3) possible dates and times to play their game outside the monthly game to the pair drawn second, in writing (per e-mail) and I must be copied in to confirm that notification was given in time.
  7. Please note that no game results after the specified cut off date will be accepted, as this will have an impact on the next draw. The defaulting pair shall be eliminated.
  8. Please note that Gary Player partners may not provide assistance to their partners when playing their games within the normal Nomads monthly outings as the Nomads main games are individual medal stableford. Assistance may be given when games are played outside of the normal monthly games.
  9. Players must use their NOMADS handicap and if playing outside of the Nomads monthly game, must phone me or our Handicapper – Asher Joffee, before their game for the latest Nomads handicap.
  10. If playing in the Nomads 2nd monthly game of that round, the Nomads handicap for the 1st game of that round is to be used unless your club handicap would cause your nomads handicap to be below this then you would player off the lower of the two.
  11. If a player plays off the wrong handicap that pairing will be disqualified therefore, please check your handicaps prior to playing your match.
    The details of the draw will be published on the website.
  12. NB: The First named pairing are also responsible for informing the Co-ordinator of the results of any games played outside of the monthly games.

When playing your game outside our monthly game and as there is often a substantial difference between member’s fees and visitor’s fees at the various clubs and as some members have pre paid green fees, it is suggested that the combined green fees are split equally amongst the four players, where ever you are playing to be fair.

Unlike past years the Committee has taken note of the concerns about byes being given to teams in the latter part of the competition and again this year all byes will be given AFTER the first round, in order to get to the required 16 in round 2 to proceed on a knock-out basis.
The basis for selecting who qualifies for a bye will be determined by drawing the names out of the hat.

All queries regarding any of the above are to be referred to:

Hendrik Weber – Gary Player Co-ordinator 2015 on cell phone: 082 453 5826
(E-Mail: )