Bellville: December 2019

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Bellville Golf Club                                                   Thursday, 5th December 2019

Prize Winners

Division Winners

Sponsor: AJH Cooling (Antony Staffen)
Winner: Rayvin Rademeyer

Pts: 40

H/C: 3

Sponsor: Mercantile Bank – Saleem Triegaardt
Winner: Ross Mackay

Pts: 36
H/C: 9

Sponsor: Car Service City Table View (Dean Marsberg)
Winner: Krish Naidoo
Pts: 39
H/C: 14


Division Runners-up

Sponsor: The Framing Centre – Mike Heath
Winner: Morne Vermeulen (vis)
Pts: 39
H/C: 4


Sponsor: F1 Engineering – Adrian Estcourt & Wayne Yates
Winner: Mike Heath
Pts: 35
H/C: 8


Sponsor: Combat Force – Colin Reeves
Winner: JD Maree
Pts: 34
H/C: 15



Match Box

Sponsor: Atlantic Fertiliser – Peter Runkel (Boland Nomad), CMC Mortgage Finance (Hugo Vermeulen)
Winner: Wynand de Vries
Pts: 18
H/C: 11



Playing Four Ball Winners

Sponsor: Guthrie Colananni – Craig Guthrie

Carl Potgieter, Rayvin Rademeyer, Morne Patterson (vis), Dean Marsberg
Pts: 137
Tee: 1st
Time: 12.19


Playing Four Ball Runners-up

Sponsor: Stella Artois – Guy Salmon

Louis Fivaz, Steve Davey (vis), Kevern Pappin, Manny Goncalves
Pts: 125
Tee: 10th
Time: 11.37


Drawn 4 Ball

Sponsor: The Pro Shop – Stuart Casteling & Mark Hartness
Winners: Rayvin Rademeyer, Brian Felix (pros), Graeme Cann, Nico Snyman

Pts: 137



Christie Cloete


Longest Putt

Sponsor: Catos Food & Gifting (Marius Swanepoel)

Winner: Morne Vermeulen


Longest Day

Sponsor: Atlantic Fertilisers – Peter Runkel (Boland Nomad)
Pts: 102

Tee: 10th
Time: 12.47
Qualifiers: David Boers, Wynand de Vries, Justin Costello (vis), Ewald MacLachlan



Supplementary Prizes


Nearest the Pin


Sponsor: Mobile Tyres – Gary Cahi
Winner: (marker lost)


Sponsor: Warwick Wealth (Rayvin Rademeyer)
Winner: (marker lost)

Hole 12

Sponsor: David Du
Winner: Shaun Harris

Hole 16

Sponsor: David Du
Winner: Christie Cloete


Playing Pair

Sponsor: Cattle Baron Tyger Waterfront – Ryan Richens
Winners: Rayvin Rademeyer, Dean Marsberg
Pts: 73
Tee: 1st
Time: 12.19


Over 55’s (Viv Dawson Trophy)

Sponsor: Golf in South Africa – Welmar O’Reilly

Winner: Krish Naidoo
Pts: 39
H/C: 14


Under 55’s

Sponsor: Battery Clinic Goodwood (Mark Baggott)
Winner: Rayvin Rademeyer
Pts: 40
H/C: 3



Lucky Draws


Glenbrynth Whisky Draw (5 winners – 3 bottles each)

Ronnie Basant, Welmar O’Reilly, Wynand de Vries, Steve Conradie, Rob Larsen


Glayva Draw

Richard Nell, Hugh Fichardt


Glenbrynth 12 Year Old Whisky – 1 Bottle – Attendance Prize

Bill Language

Andrew Mentis Draw – Sunshine Tour Golf Bag

Sponsor: Grant Wilson
Winner: Malcolm Scott
R500 Winner: Hugo Vermeulen


The Lookout Deck Hout Bay Draw

Sponsor: David Boers
Winners: Matt Demery, Graeme Cann


WP Nomads Members Benefit Fund Draw
Sponsor: Jack Levy & Hector McBeth
Winners: Gavin Scott, Wayne Sampson


The Sweet Haven Draw

Sponsor: Sweet Haven – Nougat Hamper – Frank Buys (Boland Nomad)
Winner: David Boers


Beer Barrel
Takings for today: R2870



The Big Three

Top Scores
A Division: 40
B Division: 36
C Division: 39

Winners: No winner

Carried Over: R651



MOTUS Nomads Challenge


See Gold Cup Prizesheet


Joker Draw

Winners drawn to choose a card:

Ivan Kunz, Ewald MacLachlan, Colin Reeves, Tony Hug

Winner: No winner